The Power Of Saying “Thank You” Based On My Experience As A Barista

Source : (630) Pinterest
  1. Smile and make an eye-contact
  2. Offer friendly and genuine greetings
  3. Learn customer’s name and order
  4. Say thank you
  5. Make every moment right

“Can I have a White Mocha please?”

“One Tall Americano.” they said spontaneously and pointed their forefinger up in front of me.

“Do you have a sleeve?” asked Korean people when I had already served them their iced beverage.

“I want one latte and one cappuccino,” said them while moving their neck. *aca aca

From Starbucks, I’ve been learned that thanking a person is the main course dish before enjoying the sweet dessert.



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Gabrielle Meiscova

Gabrielle Meiscova

I enjoy escaping life by writing and putting my emotion into words. It’ll make me sane.