My Journey From Coffee Master To Copywriter

Gabrielle Meiscova
4 min readMay 10, 2022


“You’re going to die one day. I know that’s kind obvious, but I just wanted to remind you in case you’ve forgotten.” — Mark Manson

Today was a special day especially when I first saw that reminder from Mark Manson’s tweet. Those words may become one of the slices of ikigai that I used to think about more often.

Let’s dive right in.

The title of this article is really eye-candy for me. Why? Yup, cause until this time, I keep admiring how great is my Lord for giving me this joyful opportunity. Yet challenging as heck. Lmao.

So here I am, a copywriter who works remotely for 2 digital agencies and also handles a client for ghostwriting service. The funny thing about it is that I don’t have any background as a copywriter or communication student. I started this incredible journey by crafting copies for SMEs owned by my friends or colleagues — Pstt, fyi, it was unpaid cause I genuinely help them without asking for money. So yeah, that’s the beginning of my writing journey publicly. Behind that, I was a writer in silence who loves to send my short story to the national short story competition — sadly, I hadn’t won yet.

In fact, I’m a final year student of Business Management who has to work as a part-time barista at Starbucks, to earn for pursuing that piece of paper. The conclusion is that I was unlucky at that time, cause my father lost his job a couple of days after I graduated from high school. You know what I mean, that was the hardest point in my life when I feel depressed like mad just to apply for many jobs door-to-door.

After getting a scholarship in the 5th semester, everything seems not blurry as it was. All the lecturers that taught me looked clear from my sight, and I finally could lift the weight of being a breadwinner. Suddenly, I had my eyes wide open and realized that I’ve worked as a barista for 3 years! Yeah fuckin 3 years! Take a look at what I wrote in my LinkedIn post last year!

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I’d say that I’m very grateful that Starbucks has been changing my life and it was the best decision I’ve ever made to be a partner. It was such an experience that I couldn’t pay with my blood — seriously it’s more than just a place I worked for, but it’s absolutely a bridge of my own future. From the journey as a green bean until the day when I got a black apron as a coffee master was an honor for this young woman.

In the beginning, I just knew that a barista’s responsibilities are making coffee or handcrafted beverages, being a store assistant as well as cashiering. Oh gosh, it’s more than that! I had the privilege to recognize customers’ behaviors, F&B business strategy, and most importantly get a connection with many amazing people, both workmates and customers which is something that I’ll work on for the theme of my thesis this year.

I thank you, Starbucks for creating a safe place for this wandering little woman.

Shortly, I was starting my first job as a barista to make money, but now I work to make a way for myself in this world by being a copywriter.

Recently, I read a memoir titled Educated by Tara Westover. A book that really changed my perspective on education — so yeah, it transform me into a lifetime student who wants to pursue a master’s degree in Europe someday. One thing that I still remember as my favorite line is we don’t come to this world already made — we come into this world ready to be made. We are not finished when we were born — we are born, so that we can start. According to me, I’ve been creating a journey for my own life in this world that is ready to be made. Here I am now.

Long short story, I paved my way to be a copywriter intern (unpaid again) in a digital advertising startup. 3 months later, I ended up my duty as an intern and become a freelance creative writer. Writing a copy for ads, storyboards, SEO articles, as well as scripts became my thing. Cause writing makes me sane. Reading books makes me alive. Both of them are my ikigai — the way I’m breathing.

There are many scary things in life, but out of curiosity— I live and learn. So I took another chance to use my recent portfolio to work as a copywriter in another company. And I made it. I know it sounds insane but yeah it is. Suddenly, this little woman got the biggest opportunity to be a full-time remote copywriter. I officially resigned from Starbucks the day after I got an offering letter and did one month’s notice.

A man who is my ghostwriting client asked me, “Do you work as a copywriter and coffee master barista and study in college at a time?” I smiled and spontaneously said. “Yes, I did.”

I remember I barely sleep normally for 8 hours at night. Being nocturnal while conceptualizing the idea to the written word was a challenge that I loved. Especially I hustled like mad and studied for exams like a robot. Hard work pays off! Last but not least, I will write for my Lord in this world until the day I am reunited with Him in eternity.



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