3 Things You Should Figure Out Before Accepting Freelance Writer Job

How pathetic. That’s one of my friend’s gripes when dealing with these circumstances. To be honest, no hard feelings, I can’t properly speak to express what’s inside my mind. This girl inside me is only able to sit and listen to her friend’s limitless grumbles. Somehow I start expressing my thought by writing them on the Twitter thread and Medium articles.

Before we jumped in, I’d like to share my opinion about 3 things that a freelancer has to discover before taking a freelance writer job.

#1. Doing research first

The main important thing is learning about the brand. Recognize the brand’s weaknesses, competitors, and achievements through SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Thread) analysis.

Doing research will help you to figure out the rest of the story before stepping inside the project.

SWOT analysis also provides a simple guide for stimulating reflective and critical thinking needed to examine the situation of an organization or your client’s brand, especially its advantages or competencies, as well as disadvantages or deficiencies.

If the brand is well-known, I assure you that you’ll put more trust in them. If it’s not, I guess it’s better to refuse their tender or you’ll be in trouble. Wait, we have lived in a digital era.

Googling the brand or perhaps typing your client’s name on LinkedIn is absolutely a brilliant way before getting started.

#2. Prioritize yourself to work on a short-term project with the trustworthy ones

My friend already had an experience when she has to work with someone that she only recognized from the internet. Which is hilarious for me. She didn’t even meet face to face and dismissed research first before joining the project. There are some people who knock on her contact, then she “fell in love” with a higher fee than her current freelance job she has worked with. Pity. Until this second, she doesn’t get paid.

A freelance writer job is necessary rarely need than a full-time worker. Doing a freelance job is similar to searching for a business partner. A businessman has to search for a business model as well as other chief positions to help them run a business.

This 2nd point is necessary. Some advice to the reader, you should also be googling your workmate’s candidate first before stepping into their project.

Random googling matters. You have to get used to it. Remember that!

#3. Don’t be too quick to accept a freelance job

Getting a new freelance job can be exciting. However, you don’t have to be too quick to accept freelance work. Accepting assignments too soon without asking important questions could cause you to lose money and waste time.

To properly grow your freelancing business and do work you enjoy, keep these key questions in mind whenever you’re considering new client work. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose which clients you work with and which projects you take on.

You have to get used to taking a project that you’re genuinely interested in.


That’s it. I hope you learn from my friend’s experience. What’s on your mind after reading this chapter? Comment below!



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Gabrielle Meiscova

Gabrielle Meiscova

I enjoy escaping life by writing and putting my emotion into words. It’ll make me sane.